AWS Route 53 Domain Name

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Setup a custom domain name in route 53 to start creating dns records for services within aws. I'll show you how to purchase a domain with namecheap and create a Route 53 hosted zone in aws. Then you can create dns records for aws services like ec2 instances, s3 buckets, load balancers, and more.


  • 0:00​ Intro
  • 0:27 Custom Domain Name Setup
  • 0:43 Route 53 Hosted Zones
  • 1:00 Route 53 Hosted zone cost
  • 1:15 Purchasing through AWS vs somewhere like namecheap or godaddy
  • 1:28 Purchasing through Namecheap
  • 2:42 Domain Name settings
  • 3:20 Creating hosted zone on AWS
  • 3:50 NS Record values AWS
  • 5:00 Simple record to point to EC2 Instance

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