The Easiest Way to add Auth to a Next App

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Learn how to add auth to your next application using next auth and github login. All of the code examples are using next 13, but use the pages directory, not the app directory.


unstable_getServerSession has now been renamed to getServerSession.


NEXTAUTH_SECRET needs to be added as an environment variable in production, but some people experience issues in development when they don't have this environment variable set. So just to be save, add NEXTAUTH_SECRET="some_secret" to your .env.local file. Then use openssl rand -base64 32 to generate a production secret when you deploy:


  • 0:00​ Intro
  • 1:31 Setup Next Auth
  • 3:58 Setup Github Login
  • 6:05 Session Provider
  • 7:29 useSession
  • 11:00 unstable_getServerSession
  • 14:08 Restrict Pages
  • 15:50 Nav Bar
  • 17:17 Next Image
  • 19:12 Restrict API
  • 21:03 Summary

Code Examples

// /pages/api/auth/[...nextauth].js
import NextAuth from "next-auth"
import GithubProvider from "next-auth/providers/github"

export const authOptions = {
  providers: [
      clientId: process.env.GITHUB_ID,
      clientSecret: process.env.GITHUB_SECRET,
    // ...add more providers here

export default NextAuth(authOptions)

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