What is React.js?

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Get a fast paced introduction to React.js, JSX, and how to setup a react project using Vite. This video takes a big picture look at what react is and why you would want to use React when making web apps.

This is video #1 in my react series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0X6fGhFFNTe_vJIlAQQo0IEgPgk9er3g


  • 0:00​ Intro
  • 0:59 Vanilla JS
  • 4:01 Using React.js
  • 8:12 JSX
  • 9:18 React Toolchains
  • 10:48 Using Vite to Create a React App
  • 15:01 importing npm modules
  • 16:39 Building a vite app
  • 17:51 Summary

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